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At Heap, we spend lots of time talking about analytics. If you view our pages, you’ll quickly see the many advantages we bestow on teams: you can answer endless questions! Know what users do in your product! Collect behavioral data without relying on engineering! Pinpoint moments of friction in your user flows! And so on. (There are many more.)

What’s the point of these? Well, in the digital insights world, we often frame our goals in terms of “building a better product,” or “optimizing the user experience.” That’s great and all (it really is!), but here’s the thing: if you’re…

The tool is not the action.

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Here’s a dirty little secret: Product Analytics is useless.

It’s strange, right? After all, we’re a Product Analytics company. We literally built a tool that delivers product analytics in a new way.

Recently, though, we’ve been looking at the analytics landscape and making some realizations. Primary among these is despite the transformative power analytics has on product development — analytics are like a superpower for product — most of the time analytics ends up doing far less for its users than it could.

Why is this? In our experience, product analytics is useless because…


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